Tiger and Bunny

A Japanese Anime television series sets out a unique story produced in 2011, entitled, "Tiger and Bunny."

The plot takes place in Stern Bild City, where some humans are gifted with natural superpowers. These individuals are called, "NEXT," also known as "Noted Entities with eXtraordinary Talents." Because of their phenomenal powers, they have become modern-day superheroes. Their special duties are to arrest the criminals, jail the illegal and unlawful; save the civilians, and guard the city. The citizens rely on them every day for their fearless acts.

In the event, television magnates begin to market their own brands by sponsoring NEXT's uniforms. Each of which, bears their advertising name on it. The sponsors came up with an idea to put them together on a popular television show called, "Hero TV." The whole city was able to watch their live heroic acts on TV, where each accomplishment scores a point. Accumulated points will designate their ranks and the one with the highest is declared, "King of the Heroes" for each season.

Seasons passed, a veteran superhero named Kotetsu Kaburagi (known as Wild Tiger) is assigned to work with a young, amateur hero, Barnaby Brooks, Jr. (also known as Bunny).

Wild Tiger has the power to boost his physical strength a hundredfold for five minutes (known as the "Hundred Power.") However, it requires him another hour to cool down before he can start using it again.

Barnaby Brooks, Jr., on the other hand, is nicknamed as "Bunny" by Kotetsu (Wild Tiger) because of his long jumps, high kicks, and armored earpieces. He is the newest addition to Hero TV. He has the same power with Wild Tiger, but when he fights, he relies more on strategies, saving his physical energy.

At first, Wild Tiger and Bunny had trouble working together due to their conflicting approach and game plans. Bunny's parents were also assassinated when he was four years old, which hardened his heart with thoughts of revenge. His trauma made him impossible to trust anyone, including his partner, Wild Tiger. Sooner then, Bunny adopts a positive outlook in life and became open in working with others.